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Survey (Return Merchandise Authorization)

The following information is needed in order to receive return authorization. MDE Co. Ltd. strive for excellence in accuracy and timeliness when handling warranty and non-warranty claims. In order to achieve this goal, we ask that you submit specific information regarding your institution and the product you wish to return. After we receive this information, we will be able to evaluate your case and either provide technical support or assign a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA#). This number will be used as a reference to track your product as it progresses through the service, re-calibration or exchange process. Please refer to the RMA# when contacting us to inquire about the status of your item(s). Your cooperation is required in answering the following questions as completely as possible. Omissions may cause undue delays in processing your request. After completing this form, we will send back to you the RMA assignment document with an RMA#.

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