• Isolated heart perfusion systems

    Systems developed and distributed by our company provide a wide range for in-vitro heart examination. Our systems can be used for experiments on any laboratory animal without significant alterations. Read More
  • Zebrafish systems

    The zebra fish (Danio rerio) examination systems of the MDE GmbH are supporting the methodological back-ground of the physiological, pharmacological and toxicological researches in the fields of cardiovascular function and group behavior... Read More
  • Electronic stimulators

    Microprocessor controlled modular square impulse generators for pharmacological, physiological and neurophysiological studies. Read More
  • Simple amplifiers

    Amplifiers for measuring same functions on one or more channel Read More
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About us

The quality basics of MDE GmbH products are ensured by the high level and reliable German technologies. The innovative solutions are provided by the experience comes from the preclinical research equipment of EXP Ltd. (London, UK), 30-year history EXPERIMETRIA Kft. (Budapest, Hungary), additionally supported with the works of Ergo-Fit GmbH (Pirmasens, Germany). Our company's philosophies are the followings: continuous customer tracking, free consultation, on-site installation, organized training and rapid troubleshooting.










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